About Me


I grew up on the edge of the North Downs, England. After studying ecology and anthropology at university I retrained as a landscape architect and designed parks and gardens in England, Denmark, and Canada for over twenty-five years. I moved to Winnipeg, Canada in 2005, and inspired by the possibilities that opened up as I started a new life on a different continent, I began writing fiction, and published my first book in 2009. After living abroad for twelve years I came full circle, moved back to the UK in 2013 and now live on the edge of the South Downs, by the sea in Brighton. After moving back I continued writing and also commenced several part-time jobs: tutor on the Creative Writing Programme Brighton, writing mentor, freelance editor, and English language teacher. In addition to this I am currently a member of New Writing South’s Write Process I writing group, where I continue to hone my craft as a writer, listener and critic in an inspiring and supportive environment. Visual art and film have been another source of inspiration and creative nourishment and I have a special interest in the relationship between visual images and the written word. I am currently writing my fourth novel, Sixteenth of an Inch.


Seal Intestine Raincoat (NeWest Press 2009)

  • Winner Trade Fiction Book Award at the Alberta Book Publishing Awards 2010.
  • Honourable mention Sunburst Fiction Award 2010.
  • Shortlisted John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer 2010.
A Seal Intestine Raincoat. Reproduced with the kind permission of The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. 2010

The Insistent Garden (NeWest Press 2013) 

  • Winner Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction in Manitoba, Canada.
Garden at Snowshill, England. One source of inspiration for The Insistent Garden.

The Eavesdroppers (NeWest Press 2018)

Dungeness, Kent. One source of inspiration for The Eavesdroppers
Several of the novel The Eavesdroppers in a cardboard box
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