Sound Mirrors at Lydd, Kent. One inspiration for The Eavesdroppers

While I was working on the body of text for my website, Rosie helped to organize my writing so that it was well formulated and coherent, yet remained in my own voice and tone. For a visual artist, words can complement their work as much as an illustration can complement a text and Rosie was invaluable in helping develop my artist statement, artist bio and other necessary evils of an art practice.”

Oliver Chard. Sculptor.


“I feel so fortunate in finding Rosie. I remember, thirty minutes into my initial meeting knowing that I had found someone who could really help me. She has an intuitive understanding of what is required, driven by her genuine passion for a good story and a love of helping people achieve their potential. Rosie is clearly an excellent editor, offering practical solutions, ideas and alternatives when required, and support when needed. But for me, the most important aspect is the respect and trust that I have for her opinions. I have returned to Rosie for all of my projects. As an editor she is exemplary. As a mentor she is indispensable.”
Jon Moir. Writer.

Working with Rosie on my novel has given me a greater understanding of the craft of writing but more importantly it has given me the confidence to keep going. 
Rosie is the best of tutors: always encouraging, carefully teasing out the bits of writing that aren’t quite working in the script. Rosie is also fun to work with, full of bright ideas – an amazing mentor.

Carolyn Mojab. Writer.

After I had finished the final draft of my first novel I spent a long time researching how to write a synopsis and query letter before submitting to ten agents.  I heard nothing back. A few months later I asked Rosie to mentor me and help with the rewriting of these two essential accompaniments to my submission. Rosie not only helped me understand how to pitch my novel in my query letter, so as to spark the agent’s interest and compel them to read on, but how to make my synopsis show the movement through my story via a series of hooks, despite it not following a traditional narrative arc. The level of attention, insight, and encouragement she gave me on all aspects of my writing was more than I could have imagined. I subsequently sent my new submission out to five agents and this time three asked to see my whole manuscript. I believe it was only with Rosie’s help and appreciative understanding of my project that I got to the point where I was able to demonstrate the strengths of my writing through these crucial initial documents.”
Emma Hampson. Writer.

“Rosie has edited several works of mine and over the course of several years has become a valuable source of help in my writing. I rely on her as she always gives prompt feedback in a rigorous and sensitive way. Rosie is a master of text choreography, tension and precision, and seems to have magical skills when it comes down to describing unconventional or inventive thoughts.”
Anna Thurmayr. University Department Head.

“My first language is not English. I always intend language precision for lectures and publications etc. but that is unattainable without a congenial partner. Rosie is the perfect vis-a-vis for my ambitions. We have worked together for more than five years. She searches and digs through my texts, she questions and scrutinizes, she rejects and suggests until it fits. It is a challenging but absolutely creative way to edit.”
Dietmar Straub. Partner in Landscape Practice.

Manuscript Evaluation

“Rosie’s supportive and specific feedback on the first draft of my novel was invaluable. She has an ear for authenticity and was quick to point out the aspects of my writing that lacked verisimilitude. There’s no doubt my novel is much stronger and more faithful to its setting and characters from having incorporated Rosie’s suggestions.”
C.C. Benison, author of Twelve Drummers Drumming, Delacorte Press/Doubleday.

“Rosie’s expert advice helped me to hone my manuscript, chipping away at the over-description and exposition, carving out a clearer structure and polishing my prose. Don’t attempt to submit to an agent without her support.”
Cathy Hayward. Author of The Girl in the Maze winner of Agora Books ‘Works in Progress Prize 2020’. Published autumn 2021

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