Margaret Laurence Fiction award

Photograph by Karl Blossfeldt 'Artforms in Nature'
Photograph by Karl Blossfeldt ‘Artforms in Nature’


I am delighted to write that on Sunday 28th April my second novel  The Insistent Garden became the recipient of the Margaret Laurence Fiction Award in Winnipeg, Canada.

‘Rosie Chard’s second novel is full of tension and mystery as it tells the story of a shy young woman slowly exploring the secrets of her reclusive family. Chard recreates the feel of the English Midlands in 1969 with a surprising and compelling plot, characters who are off-kilter but believable, and a villain you feel justified in hating.’

Thomas Trofimuk. (Jury member)



Swiss chard in a wooden box
Swiss chard in a wooden box


A vegetable garden in the beginning

looks so promising and then after all

little by little it grows nothing but

vegetables, nothing, nothing but


Gertrude Stein.